broken spring repair

Have you even bothered about the garage door spring you have at your home? Do you know that the garage door may fall if the sprig is old or broken and harm you or your loved ones? If you answered no to both these questions then we suggest you check the garage door now. If you have a single spring, you should opt for switching from one to two spring system. It will make you much safer. You can even get a discount if you buy both springs together and get them installed together.

The team of Garage Door repair Mastic Beach can be useful for you there. We have added springs to the garage doors that were too light to too heavy without changing the alignment of the door. We can also help you to understand the signs of a damaged garage door spring so that if one of the springs is showing some signs you can call us to solve the problem. We will always suggest you to replace both springs if one is broken when you contact us because usually they both will have the same life expectancy. Rest assured we will save your money if the springs can just be serviced rather than replaced.