motor installation services

Have you seen a keypad operated garage door somewhere? Do you install it at your home too? If yes then you should hire the team of Mastic Beach garage door repair, NY today. We are experts at installing keypads at garage doors that help you open and close the garage by inputting just a few numbers. This keeps your garage doors secure from unnecessary intrusions as only the people you share the code with can access your garage. If you have accidentally given the codes to a wrong person, we can also re-code it for you.

You can also trust us to be discreet while doing your work as we will never put your codes in plain view. We are very strict about protecting your data. When you contact us, you should also try to be honest about other services you might need like broken spring replacement if you doubt that they might have gotten too old. We excel at replacing these springs but we can do so only after you tell us about them over the phone so that we can bring the new ones with us and save your time. We also install motors that do not come with a keypad system.